Who Are We?

The Men's Club plays tournaments every third Sunday and the previous Monday at the beautiful Santa Barbara Golf Club. 

We also offer special events including:

  • Annual 2-day Club Championship
  • The President's Cup (double elimination match play tournament)
  • Summer "Horse Races" and Putting Contests
  • Occasional Saturday and late afternoon tournaments
  • Thanksgiving "Turkey Shoot" tournament

The yearly Club membership fee is $90.

Membership privileges include:

  • Preferred tournament tee-times for all Men's Club events.
  • Membership in the Southern California Golf Association (SCGA)
  • A USGA-sanctioned Handicap Index issued by the SCGA and updated twice monthly
  • Invitation to our End-Of-The-Year Installation Luncheon held in November
  • Access to tee times, tournament information, news, updates, specials and more on the Club's website

Entry fees are typically $10. for each tournament.
Our Policy is to have 40% of the players place "in the money"

Members' Talk

Skins policy change

Club News

Recent Actions by the Board of Directors

Over the past few months the Men’s Club Board has made a number of changes in the ways the Club does things. The primary goal of these changes has been to make the golfing experience of our members more enjoyable. Significant changes so far in 2014 include:

  • Changing the President’s Cup competition to be double-elimination.
  • Keeping the entry fee for the President’s Cup at $25.00.
  • Determining that, in any tournament, all players will play from the same tees.
  • Designating three Sundays a year during which the Club will buy lunches for members.
  • Identifying players who do not properly adjust their reported scores and educating them as to the rules that they should follow.
  • Organizing events such as monthly summer “horse races” and putting contests
  • Endeavoring to find a format for a “skins game” that will be fair and attractive to all.
  • Identifying players who have a pattern of reporting net under par scores in our tournaments and reviewing their handicap index.
  • Reaching out to members who haven’t played in the past year and encouraging them to play.
  • Exploring the possibility of implementing an electronic method for yearly registration and dues payment.

To read details about these changes, CLICK HERE

The Presidents Cup is Being Played

On Sunday June 29, 28 players entered the "Pairings Competition" to determine who will be paired with whom for the first match-play round of our President's Cup.

All pairings and subsequent results can be viewed by clicking on the    President's Cup  tab at the top of this page.
All competing pairs scheduled their first match to be completed some time before July 6. Winners of the first round move ahead.

This is a Double Elimination tournament this year so first round losers have moved into the loser's bracket with a chance to play through and still win. All competitors are assured of playing two matches.

Walsmith Dominates June Putting Contest

As a new member to our Club, Bob Walsmith made his presence known by taking BOTH first and second place in last Wednesday’s putting contest. Frank Sanitate took 3rd over 12 other competitors.
Yep, the rules allowed a player to win twice. (more)

Our Next Horse Race Set for July 17th

July's race, the second in our summer's "Triple Crown", will be held on Thursday, July 17th at 5:30. Players are randomly assigned to two-man teams. ALL teams tee off on Hole #1 at the same time. High-scoring teams are eliminated on each of the 1st three holes. The top three teams on hole #4 win cash.
Added Feature: FREE Beer Tasting at Mulligan's
For details, CLICK HERE

July 2014 Rules Quiz

Gilligan, The Captain, Thurston and The Professor are playing in a Men’s Club Monday tournament. Format: Individual net. On hole #3 Gilligan hits his tee shot into the lateral hazard on the right, beyond the fairway bunkers. Gilligan, The Captain and Thurston search for but can’t find Gilligan’s ball. Gilligan takes relief under the lateral hazard Rule, using his best judgment to determine the point where his ball last crossed the margin. The Captain and Thurston agree with that point. After a ball is dropped, but before Gilligan plays his next stroke, The Professor walks over and says that Gilligan's ball last crossed the hazard margin 20 yards beyond the point judged by the other three players to be the point where the ball last crossed. When they look up there, Gilligan’s ball is then found where The Professor said it would be. It is resting in an open area where Gilligan can easily hit it toward the green.
What should Gilligan do under the Rules of Golf?
1. Continue to play with the ball he dropped, incurring a one-stroke penalty.
2. Put the ball he dropped in his pocket and then continue to play with original ball that The Professor found, hitting it toward the green with no penalty.
3. Put the ball he dropped in his pocket and then continue to play with original ball that The Professor found, hitting it toward the green, but incurring a one-stroke penalty for improperly dropping the second ball.
4. Put the ball he dropped in his pocket and then, following the lateral hazard rule, drop the original ball using the new point where it crossed the margin of the hazard, incurring a one-stroke penalty.
5. Put the ball he dropped in his pocket and then, following the lateral hazard rule, drop the original ball using the new point where it crossed the margin of the hazard, incurring a two-stroke penalty.

To see the correct answer, CLICK HERE

Upcoming Events

August 2014
Monday 11th
9am Individual Competition
Sunday 17th
9am Individual Competition
Thursday 21st
5:30pm Horse Race (Our Belmont Stakes)
September 2014
Monday 8th
9am Individual Competition
Saturday 20th
Sunday 21st
October 2014
Monday 13th
9am Front Nine - Back Nine
Sunday 19th
9am Front Nine - Back Nine
November 2014
Monday 10th
9am Turkey Shoot
Sunday 16th
9am Turkey Shoot
2:30pm Free Lunch and Annual Meeting following Turkey Shoot
December 2014
Sunday 14th
9am Individual Competition
Sunday 21st
9am 13th Annual Match Play Against The Paisanos

Hall of Fame


Club Champions

Gross - Pe'a Hill - 138 
Net - Yoshi Sim- 136

A Flight - John Devito
B Flight- Greg Bristol
C Flight- Mike Woodard
D Flight- Brent Anderson

Past Champions

Past Presidents

Results From the Past

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Santa Barbara Men's Golf Club

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