Who Are We?

The Men's Club plays tournaments every third Sunday and the previous Monday at the beautiful Santa Barbara Golf Club. 

We also offer special events including:

  • Annual 2-day Club Championship
  • The President's Cup (double elimination match play tournament)
  • Summer "Horse Races" and Putting Contests
  • Occasional Saturday and late afternoon tournaments
  • Thanksgiving "Turkey Shoot" tournament

The yearly Club membership fee is $90.

Membership privileges include:

  • Preferred tournament tee-times for all Men's Club events.
  • Membership in the Southern California Golf Association (SCGA)
  • A USGA-sanctioned Handicap Index issued by the SCGA and updated twice monthly
  • Invitation to our End-Of-The-Year Installation Luncheon held in November
  • Access to tee times, tournament information, news, updates, specials and more on the Club's website

Entry fees are typically $10. for each tournament.
Our Policy is to have 40% of the players place "in the money"

Members' Talk

Great Tips for Sandbaggers

Club News

2015 Board Elections
Nominations Open
Sept. 23

Nominations are open now for Club Officers and Members-at-Large of the SB Men’s Club Board of Directors. The election will be held in late October and results will be announced November 11. 

Eight positions are open, including:

  • President
  • Vice-President for Tournaments
  • Vice-President for Handicaps
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Three Members-at-Large

Descriptions of the duties for each office may be seen by CLICKING HERE. To download this description, CLICK HERE

If you want to run, or to nominate someone else to run, you must submit a “Nomination Form” to Rich Barker, PGA, in the Golf Shop. This form requires the nominee to indicate his willingness to run and to serve if elected. It must be submitted before Thursday, Oct. 23 at 5:00 PM.

A copy of the “Nomination Form” may be obtained by CLICKING HERE or you can pick one up in the Golf Shop.

It see a list of the candidates and read their election statements, CLICK HERE.

A Hole-in-One Win’s Cash!
Board Establishes a New Hole-in-One Pot

At its September meeting the Board of Directors decided to establish a two new “pots” of money to be used to reward any member who shoots an ace during one of our Monday or Sunday tournaments.

In addition to our regular $10.00 tournament entry fee, we will collect an additional $1.00 from every member who enters a Club monthly tournament. This money will go into a “Hole-in-One Pot.” When a member shoots a hole-in-one in a tournament, he gets all the money in the pot, A new pot then will start accumulating.

The policy will begin this coming weekend with the Club Championship. In this case $2.00 will be collected, one for Saturday and one for Sunday.
In addition to rewarding a successful member for achieving golf’s ultimate goal of a hole-in-one, this prize should go a long way toward of-setting the member’s bar tab that is accumulated following his round.

Bristol Downs Brooks to Win President Cup

Coming from the loser's bracket, Greg Bristol took his second of two matches in a row on Sunday to defeat Mike Brooks and win the President's Cup. 
Greg won the final match in decisive fashion, closing Mike out 5 & 4.
Twenty-eight players started this match-play competition last June. It was a double-elimination tournament so each competitor played at least two matches. 
After two rounds, the first 14 players were eliminated. Play continued, with some players advancing and others saying good-bye until only two were left.
This Sunday's Final Match settled it with Bristol rising from the pack to win it all.

All pairings and final results may be viewed by clicking on the  Presidents Cup  tab at the top of this page.

New Gross Skin Game for Higher Handicappers

Starting Sunday, Oct. 19, all players who enter the Gross competition will be divided by their handicaps into two groups, those below and those above the middle handicap. Each group competes separately.

Under this format, higher handicap players have a real chance of winning the gross because they aren't up against the lower players. And the lower players don't lose much because those higher players haven't be buying into the Gross games.

The Board hopes that this will help make all our games as fair and enjoyable as possible.

Cantor Wins Sun Mountain Bag Just for Coming Out To Play!

Howard Cantor took home a very nice Sun Mountain golf bag when he presented the winning ticket to the Scorer's Table after his tournament round Sunday. The Club has been awarding "Participation Prizes" to luck winners at its tournaments. Everybody who plays gets a ticket. Holder of the ticket drawn out of the hat wins the prize.
Look forward to more participation prizes in January.

Banu Wins Nights in Cambria

Florin Banu won the Men’s Club “Participation Prize” last Monday and is going to enjoy two nights free lodging at the Bluebird Inn in Cambria. He happily accepted the prize from Jim Langley, Board Member.
October was the first month of this new effort to entice more members to play in our Monday Tournaments. The Board has solicited a number of prizes from local businesses to be offered... (read more)

Great Tips for Sandbaggers
by Biff Copeland

There are three kinds of members in our Golf Club:

1. Those players who complain that we have a few “sandbaggers” whose inflated handicaps allow them to win more than they deserve in our tournaments.
2. Those players who aren’t concerned about or aren’t aware of a “sandbagging” problem.
3. Those players who are “sandbaggers”.

This column is for that third group, the few members in our Club who work hard at inflating their handicaps to artificially gain advantage over other golfers. We want to give you a few helpful tips about sandbagging so that your golf can be even more profitable for you. Read More...

Which Holes are the Hardest and Which the Easiest for You?

by Biff Copeland

Hole #13 is the easiest, right? Well, for most it is. It’s the #18 handicap hole. It’s just 94 yards, after all.

But what about the others? Do you find #11 harder to score on than #15? They’re both about the same length, 370 and 373 yards. But do they play about the same?

Well, if we look at their handicaps on the scorecard, they sure don’t. #11 is the 8th handicap, that is, the 8th most difficult hole on the course. #15 is the 14th. Is it really easier?

The answer, at least for Men’s Club members, is a resounding, “No!”

Our average score on #11 has been 0.76 Strokes-Over-Par. Our average score on #15 has been 0.84 Strokes-Over-Par.

What? We take more strokes on the higher handicapped hole? (read more)

October 2014 Rules Quiz

Ajax and Achilles aren’t the best of friends but were scheduled to play in the same group in a Men’s Club Sunday Tournament. The format is Individual Net.

On hole #8, with the pin cut in the front, both players hit their tee shots short and both find their balls about 6 feet off the front of the green. Achilles is slightly closer to the hole.

Ajax asks Achilles to lift his ball because he wants to putt and believes that it is in his line and might interfere with his play.

Achilles says, “No, it won’t interfere.” He refuses to lift his ball.

After a short exchange of glares, Ajax goes ahead and plays his ball. It doesn’t hit Achilles’ ball but misses the hole to the left. Achilles then makes his second stroke and the ball roles up and into the hole. Ajax then taps in for his 3.

What should be written on their score cards?

1. Ajax – 3; Achilles – 2. There was no penalty.

2. Ajax – 2; Achilles – 2. Ajax gets to cut a stroke because he could have made the putt if Achilles’ ball wasn’t there.

3. Ajax – 3; Achilles – 3. Achilles is penalized a stroke for not lifting his ball.

4. Ajax – 3; Achilles – 4. Achilles is penalized 2 strokes because he showed such poor sportsmanship when refusing to lift his ball.

5. Ajax – 3; Achilles – DQ. Achilles’ refusal to comply with a Rule of Golf affeced the rights of another player and so must be disqualified.

To see the correct answer, CLICK HERE

Upcoming Events

November 2014
Monday 10th
9am Turkey Shoot
Sunday 16th
9am Turkey Shoot
2:30pm Free Lunch and Annual Meeting following Turkey Shoot
December 2014
Monday 15th
9am Individual Competition
Sunday 21st
9am 13th Annual Match Play Against The Paisanos

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Lennie Kwock - 150
Jeffrey Earnest- 139

A Flight - Mike Kemp
B Flight - Brian Noon
C Flight - Mueller
D Flight - Howard Howe

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