Who Are We?

The Men's Club plays tournaments every third Sunday and the previous Monday at the beautiful Santa Barbara Golf Club. 

We also offer special events including:

  • Annual 2-day Club Championship
  • The President's Cup (single elimination match play tournament)
  • Annual Member/Guest Tournament
  • Occasional Saturday and late afternoon tournaments
  • Thanksgiving "Turkey Shoot" tournament

The yearly Club membership fee is $90.

Membership privileges include:

  • Preferred tournament tee-times for all Men's Club events.
  • Membership in the Southern California Golf Association (SCGA)
  • A USGA-sanctioned Handicap Index issued by the SCGA and updated twice monthly
  • Invitation to our End-Of-The-Year Installation Luncheon held in January after the holidays
  • Access to tee times, tournament information, news, updates, specials and more on the Club's website

Entry fees are $10. for each tournament.

Members' Talk

Skins policy change

Club News

SCGA Has Problems With Posting Scores

Dominic Namnath, our Handicap Chairman received the following from the SCGA and wanted to pass it on to our members:

"As you have probably observed, SCGA member clubs are experiencing significant difficulties with most aspects of the GHIN service. The most frequent problem is score posting using the GHP Online Golfer platform.  Unfortunately, the GHIN servers are not able to handle loads during peak hours of the day - most notably between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. PDT.   
We are quite confident that this is not the fault of your computer or your Internet connection.  We have been advised by the USGA that efforts are being made to correct the GHIN database that is utilized by the SCGA and other golf associations around the country.  Unfortunately, this issue, which surfaced a few weeks ago, became more pronounced last Friday.  The GHIN team has attempted to stay in front of these performance issues by deploying a few changes aimed at minimizing service calls (web services), but with only marginal gains to date.  In order to maximize the number of member scores posted, the USGA has decided to force the program into "offline mode" during the 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. time period until further notice.  During this time, guest score posting will not be available using GHP Online Golfer.  Guests attempting to post scores will receive messaging that they cannot post in this manner.
To date, the USGA has not provided a detailed timetable for a solution to this and other impacted GHIN-related services.  We apologize for any difficulty and inconvenience that this is causing our members and member clubs, and we will try our best to attempt to provide the best possible member services during this time.  Rest assured, we will advise handicap chairs at all member clubs and key professional staff at golf courses when the USGA has resolved these issues. Thank you for your support of the SCGA.
Kevin O'Connor

Director, Handicap and Membership"

Tournament Tallies

Looking back on our tournament competitions in 2013 a few numbers stand out.

160 = Number of club members who participated in at least one Club tournament in 2013
47% = Percentage of Club members who participated.
121 = Number of members who posted stores that earned them points on the Club’s “Order of Merit”... (read more)

The City's Golf Advisory Committee (GAC)

The new water use tiers have wreaked havoc on the water budget for the course.  Tier 1 was reduced 50% seemingly arbitrarily and we are into Tier 2 way sooner every month.  Each month we're spending more money for Tier 2 water and as of the half way mark, we have used 90% of the water budget.  Staff will be asking the Water Board... (read more)



Big Change in Skins Game this Sunday

For the April 13th Sunday Men’s Club tournament, players entering the $5.00 NET Skins Game will be divided into two groups – those with handicaps of 13 and below and those with handicaps of 14 and above. This is a major departure from the past practice of dividing players at 18 & Below and 19 & Above.
This change is the latest effort by the Club’s Board of Directors to make the Net Skins competition as fair as possible for all players. (read more)

April 2014 Rules Quiz

The U.S. Golf Association (USGA) and the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews (R&A) try to cooperate, whenever possible, to make the Rules of Golf the same worldwide.
In last January’s rules revision, the USGA announced the adoption of a rule, strongly supported by the R&A, which would “suggest” the manner in which wagers should be handled during golfing competitions.
Which of the following is the rule, currently only put forth as a “suggestion”, which was adopted by the USGA?
  1. Adult players should not engage in wagering that involves money with players who are under the age of 18.
  2. Following a round of golf, the payoff of any wagers should be completed within 10 minutes of the players leaving the last green.
  3. While the amount of a wager should be sufficient to insure spirited competition, that amount should be not so much as to impose an undue financial burden on the looser of the wager.
  4. When a wager made during a Club-sponsored event is not paid in full within 72 hours of the completion of the event, the non-payment should be brought to the attention of the Club President.
To see the correct answer, CLICK HERE


Your Golf Improvement Fund

The city allows $1.00 from every round played at our Golf Course to be places in the "Golf Improvement Fund" and used only for projects that improve play on the course. 

The Golf Improvement Fund Sub-Committee continues to investigate opportunities to improve the club.  With the completion of the tee box project we have proved that the Fund is setup correctly and will accomplish what we envisioned.  We are accepting input from everyone and would like your feedback as well.  Tell us how and what you would do to improve Muni!   
Suggestion Box 

Hall of Fame


Club Champions

Gross - Pe'a Hill - 138 
Net - Yoshi Sim- 136

A Flight - John Devito
B Flight- Greg Bristol
C Flight- Mike Woodard
D Flight- Brent Anderson

Past Champions

Past Presidents

Results From the Past

Santa Barbara Men's Golf Club

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